What We Do

Lending a Helping Hand

Introducing you to Beyond. A Sussex-based charitable trust working to minimise the barriers facing those who are care experienced in order to help them thrive. 

As a collective, we work to fund one-off grants that can be given to care leavers in order to provide the tools and/or resources they wouldn't have access to otherwise. Without a 'bank of mum and dad', we ask you to be a part of the support network which helps to make these young people reach their full potential.  

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Meet The Team


Tom Bewick

Co-founder & Chair of board of Directors & Trustees

As a former care leaver, I know how much the small things can make all the difference. Without parents, family or a strong network of friends to fall back on, life can all too easily become highly unpredictable and precarious. Beyond, a not for profit campaigning organisation, exists to plug that gap. We raise funds to give out directly to care leavers where those formal structures have broken down. It could be a deposit for accommodation; driving lessons to land a good job; or buy some new clothes to feel more confident when going for an interview. It’s the kind of thing those from more affluent backgrounds often take for granted.


Bex Bastable

Co-Founder and Director/Trustee

Beyond wants to help limit the financial gap which care leavers face by helping out with small grants for things like driving lessons, a laptop or a flat deposit. This can be the difference between taking the next step in their lives or being left behind.

I joined Beyond because I'm passionate about giving people a fair chance and helping provide stepping stones which can help people achieve their full potential. 


Councillor Vanessa Brown


I am a Brighton and Hove Councillor and sit on the Children, Young People and Skills Committee. I met Tom when he was also a Councillor and was impressed by his ambition to really make a difference for our local care leavers. Many struggle when they turn eighteen and need to become more independent.

Beyond was set up so that we can raise funds to make grants available to help enable our care leavers to feel more secure and able to achieve their ambitions.


Gemma Creamer

Team leader for Volunteer Management Committee

As a previous child in care, I know how far even the smallest bit of support can go. I remember only ever wanting someone to believe in me all the way because when you have that, you don't need anything else. 
The work which Beyond is doing, in its own way is putting that belief behind that young person. Investing in something that will in some way benefit that individual to go on and do better, to be better. Finance should never be a barrier for any young person when it comes to chasing their dreams, and you, alongside Beyond, can ensure that never happens.