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Industry awards dinner makes Beyond its nominated charity

Beyond was delighted to be made the nominated charity for the Federation of Awarding Bodies annual conference and awards dinner on 11th & 12th November.

The prestigious awards took place at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester, which was hosted by the internet sensation Jackie Weaver. The night raised over £400 in pledge donations, including other offers of support. 

Our Team Leader volunteer from Sussex, Gemma Creamer, who is a care leaver second-year law undergraduate, spoke to over 200 attendees about the work of the Trust. 

Gemma said: "As a previous child in care, I know how far even the smallest bit of support can go. I remember only ever wanting someone to believe in me all the way because when you have that, you don't need anything else. 

"The work which Beyond is doing, in its own way is putting that belief behind that young person. Investing in something that will in some way benefit that individual to go on and do better, to be better. Finance should never be a barrier for any young person when it comes to chasing their dreams, and you, alongside Beyond, can ensure that never happens."

If you’d like to help a care leaver turn their adversity into an advantage then please get involved or donate here.

We’d also really love it if you made Beyond your nominated charity in 2022! Please get in touch for more details.